Vince Johnson, The Garage Door Doctor (Highly Recommend)

Posted on November 28th, 2003 in Houston by mynagirl

Garage Door Doctor

Vince Johnson

Repair Specialist

New Installation



Houston, TX

I always like to give local people and places props on our website when I can, and I’m long overdue to put some good words about the Garage Door Doctor up here.

Our mid-80’s Heights garden house (think townhouse, but with no shared walls and an apron of land) is a cute almost-Victorian affair, with wood siding, fishscale details, and lots of white trim. When we bought the house, it included some very heavy custom-made wooden garage doors, which steadily deteriorated in the moist Houston humidity (so has the wood siding, but replacing it is a task for another time). Finally it got to the point that Scott wouldn’t let me walk under the doors while they were moving for fear they might finally disintegrate and fall on my head.

We finally called the Garage Door Doctor at the recommendation of our friend Bruce, and boy was I glad that we did. He scheduled himself to come out within a few days, for an afternoon (mornings, he told me, were reserved for all the ‘my garage door fell down on my car’ emergency fix calls he inevitably got each day). On the scheduled afternoon, he called me at the promised time, swung by our house to measure the doors (good thing, too, as he discovered that they were a weird custom size), and told me he’d be done by the end of the day. I left him in charge of the garage and took advantage of already being off work to go run business-hour-only errands.

By the end of the day, he’d magically transformed our sad dilapidated garage doors into two beautiful new metal ones with brand-new tracks and springs that even had a safety cable (so the springs don’t fly wildly if they break), integrated with our old garage door openers. He even transferred our custom barrel-lock disabler cable, that allows us to get in with a key if the power’s out. He did a great job, even sweeping up when our old garage door did indeed disintegrate into bits as he took it off the rails. The work was fabulous, fast, and well worth the price. He charged $695 for the whole deal — the new doors, installation, and hauling away those nasty heavy wooden doors for us.

If you need new garage doors or any work done on ones you already have, I recommend the Garage Door Doctor.

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