Kefir, the wonder food

Posted on April 12th, 2009 in Kefir Recipies by mynagirl
Marie, Marie, How Do Your Kefir Grains Grow?

Marie, Marie, How Do Your Kefir Grains Grow?

For those of you who know me or even casually see my updates on Facebook, you know that I have become somewhat of a Kefir nut lately.

Kefir, for those of you who don’t know, is a dairy-based fermented concoction that’s created by a complex microbiotic culture when the culture is immersed in fresh milk.  More on Wikipedia, more on this guy’s Kefir site.  It can refer to the grains — the little colonies that do the fermenting — or the finished product, which is a bit like yogurt but with more live “stuff” in there and a thinner consistency.  So, you can — if you have access to a reasonably upscale grocery store or a mediterranean market – get Kefir in its final form, or you can ferment/grow it yourself with live kefir grains.

I’m certainly no expert on it yet, but I am a convert.  I used to make smoothies with it when we lived in Houston (and our local Kroger carried such things) but recently here in Brenham my yoga teacher gave me my own batch of live grains and now I’m a Kefir-making goddess!!  I “harvest” it every day or every other day — it’s easy to control by storing it in the fridge for a bit to slow down the fermentation or leaving it out on the counter to speed it up.  You can also vary how much milk you give it.  And the colony grows!  So now I have enough to share (and at least four people lined up to inherit some live grains from me).

I make smoothies at least twice a day and it’s an amazing food source.  I feel better, I have a lot of energy, and it’s really satisfying… I’m not hungry after a Kefir smoothie.

If you’re a health-foodie, definitely check it out if you haven’t already.  And try to get some grains of your own!!  The fresh stuff is for sure the best.

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