The Best Smoothie Recipe

Posted on November 28th, 2005 in Health and Fitness,Recipes by mynagirl

First off, to make good smoothies, you need a good blender. Being the Consumer Reports dork-heads we are, we picked the Braun MX2050, a steal at $50, and so far we have zero complaints:

Second of all, no ice. Ice is grody in a smoothie. One makes a good frozen smoothie with frozen ingredients. Here’s my recipe that I’ve put together with some trial and error.

Marie’s Favorite Smoothie Recipe
Note: put the ingredients in the blender in this order for best mixing results.

  • A handful of frozen strawberries — you can do ones from the freezer section, or once every couple weeks I buy organic ones and cut ’em up and freeze ’em in a big bag
  • A good slosh of Kefir probiotic milk (enough to almost cover the strawberries) — it’s like yogurt but has a more liquid texture. You can use regular yogurt (plain or vanilla) but it will take the blender a LONG time to mix it and you might have to stop it, stir the ingredients, etc, because the mixture is too thick to blend easily.
  • Half a banana. Mooshy is okay, you won’t even taste the mushiness. Beware of greenies, though.
  • Large heaping tablespoon of SMOOTH peanut butter — I recommend Laura Scudder’s Natural.
  • A bunch of honey. Try not to let the honey or the peanut butter touch the side of the blender, you’ll lose some of it to just sticking on the side.

Blend until smooth, and that’s about it! Many variations can be had (lose the peanut butter, add frozen pineapple, etc), but this one’s my favorite because it’s very protein-y. The best protein shake blender will help to make the tastiest, smoothest and healthiest shakes. Sometimes I put some Stonyfield Farms organic Whole Milk Vanilla yogurt in on top of the Kefir to make it a bit thicker. But it’s good with just the Kefir.

Happy smoothing!

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