McCain’s Market: Gourmet in the Houston Heights

Posted on December 10th, 2005 in Houston by mynagirl

McCain’s Market

Heights Blvd at White Oak (6th)

Houston, Texas

I had been waiting. The fancy new stone shopping center put up in the Heights had been empty for almost two years, except for an antiques store that came and went. Then I was watching — coffee cups and cappucino machines appeared in the window. Finally! A good coffee place in the Heights! Maybe a Starbucks? Then a few days later, a Boar’s Head deli sign on the wall was visible… clearly this place was going to be more than just a little corner coffee shop.

Finally it opened! It took us about a week to get in there, but we finally stopped in today. Wow, what a place! Gourmet spaghetti sauces, Napa Valley buttermilk pancake mix with exotic syrups (boysenberry merlot!), a great cheese case, a few choice bits of produce (shallots!), fancy teas, chocolates (fabulous dark Parisian chocolate with orange peel!) unbelievable olive oil and fresh bread, and a deli case with… Prasek’s sausage from Prasek’s Hill Country Smokehouse in Hillje, Texas. This place is on the way to Engineerboy’s hometown of Port Lavaca and a regular stop for us when we drive there. The place is an authentic Czech wonder, with their famous sausage and true Czech kolaches (fruit kolaches, not meat). Alas, Jason, the proprietor at McCain’s informed us that they haven’t figured out a way to bring those kolaches up to the Market yet. But it was a great treat for Engineerboy to find the hometown delicacy of the sausage right here in the Heights.

The place is everything that new retail in the Heights should be — small and neighbor-friendly, with an unbelievable selection of fancy goods. I could easily migrate to a European model of stopping at the market on the way home every night for fancy yummies — tonight’s fare was a baguette, infused olive oil for dipping, fresh apples, and some incredible aged Wisconsin cheddar — along with Pomegranate soda and a decaf cappucino. Oh, and that dark chocolate with orange rinds in it. Yum! Engineerboy feasted on Prasek’s and buttered noodles along with Raspberry tea sweetened with cane sugar. Suffice it to say we were imminently pleased with dinner. And knowing that the place is open at 7 am on weekdays might make it a regular on-the-way-to-work kinda place.

I suspect they’ll be seeing a lot more of us.

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