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Posted on February 1st, 2006 in Television by mynagirl

Update: Mynagirl picks her faves for the top spot!

Ok, I’m not going to surprise anyone when I pick Stacy & Tony vs. Drew & Cheryl in competition for the lead. To be honest, since we’ve now lost George Hamilton and are down to only four couples in the competition, it’s hardly a huge act of clairvoyance to see them as the top competitors. Not only has each couple already scored perfect 10’s (Stacy and Tony twice!!) but there are only two other couples still left. Would you believe I picked these two competitors out from the beginning? Even if you don’t believe me, I know that I spotted talent right away!

And while I love Jerry Rice, unfortunately he cannot conquer his hunched-over football-player stance, nor his innate “oh my god the guys are gonna so laugh at me” self-consciousness. And although Lisa Rinna tries really hard (oh my god just she try hard) and is actually pretty good, I’m just not rooting for her manic and over-the-top performances. Not only are Stacy and Drew the best dancers, they also seem to be the nicest and most self-effacing, so that just makes me want to root for them more.

Drew Lachey and dancing partner Cheryl

Stacy Keibler and dancing partner Tony

As you can tell, the program has kept me hooked, and I’m sure I’ll watch it next season as well. Who can resist gripping pseudo-drama, humor, dancing, and flashy costumes?! Not this Mynagirl!

Original Article: 01/16/2006

So, Dancing with the Stars was never really on my radar last year. It sort of snuck up on me like a deadline I wasn’t tracking. Being the TiVo goddess I am (married to a Tivo god) and inveterate fast-fowarder I don’t necessarily know when all the new shows are on, or indeed even what they are. By the time I saw enough ads in fast forward to decide to rewind and investigate this sparkly indulgence, it had already left for the season.

But I was prepared this season, the Tivo at the ready. What a great concept — whoever thought this up definitely had a flash of genius. (Or what do I know, they could be a genius 24×7). Let’s get celebrities, some of which have obviously zero dancing talent, and try ballroom dancing with a professional. Not club dancing or anything free-form, but Ballroom Dancing… like, the complicated stuff. With steps and arm and hip motions, all working completely synchronous like an entire orchestra of body parts floating according to plan. Or in some cases, working in an utterly unsynchronous and disorganized manner somewhat like “Pinnochio chasing Jipity Cricket [sic] across the floor”… a hilariously accurate description of ESPN’s Kenny Mayne’s attempting the Cha-Cha.

Five women and five men, plucked from their comfortable niche of acting, sportscasting, wrestling, journalism, or being an eligible receiver, extend themselves way beyond their comfort zone in order to compete for glory and (for some) maybe a way out of obscurity. It’s uncomfortable and inspiring in equal measure. It really does take a lot of chutzpah to put one’s performance on the line in an area that isn’t your core specialty. And have the behind-the-scenes practice footage shown as well — all your mess-ups, your physical shortcomings, and how much you can’t do that backbend.

Of course, I can’t help but love it for the gloriously should-be-trashy-but-aren’t fashions … where else it it appropriate to wear a silver sequin bikini with a swath of black fabric cutting a line from your shoulder to your ankle? With high heels no less! The men, of course, are a bit more limited… although George Hamilton managed to pull off (well… I mean… look good wearing) a tux with tails and top hat.

This season’s crop is impressive. Tia Carrere (from Wayne’s World), right out there with her post-baby body. George Hamilton, adorably suave and at the same time humble about his 60+ year-old body. They just don’t make men that suave and handsome anymore (well… George Clooney excepted, I guess). Wrestler Stacy Kiebler is definitely not an elf — the totally tall and adorable blonde has turned out to be one of the best dancers there! Kenny Mayne (already voted off) was an absolute nightmare, dance-wise, but had an affable oh-hell-let’s-go-with-it attitude. P Miller (Master P) is similarly a nightmare on the dance floor with much more a you-deal-with-it attitude. The guy won’t even wear dance shoes! Amazingly he hasn’t been voted off yet, although his hapless partner is smilingly terrified each week. Tatum O’Neal, who utterly who cannot stay still, did really well the first week but not so great the second week — I think the first week’s performance was because the dance was the waltz and her inflexibility didn’t really show under the long gown and the striding step. Jerry Rice is awesome — he even took his dance partner out to the 49’s practice grounds to show her how fast his feet could actually move. Wow! Journalist Giselle Fernandez (who I’d never heard of but they showed clips of to prove that she’s a journalist) is doing reasonably well — and she can wear a two piece gown pretty nicely, so I guess that helps. Soap star Lisa Rinna shows off her well-toned body but I’m not quite sure her footwork is up to par. Plus I can’t help staring at her huge lips… the’ve been like that for years so I can’t tell if they’re collagen or not. The standout star of the program so far, however, has to be Drew Lachey (Nick’s brother)… he’s engaging and a pretty darn good dancer to boot. He might be my pick to win!

All in all I’m very enthralled with the show. The judges are hilarious, the dancing is a hoot, and the dresses are to die for. They’ve got me hooked!

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