Posted on August 8th, 2006 in Engineerboy,Mynagirl by The Donkeys

An involuntary gavotte gave you the willies?

–Engineerboy, after he asked me if I “gavotted” today when I commented that I wore an apricot scarf, and then I had an unrelated “body shiver” because I was cold

Giant ropey strands of chocolate vomit

–Mynagirl, describing what expected would end up on the bed after our dogs ate cocoa and then the vet had us give them peroxide to make them throw up.

Hey, when two guys are standing next to each other with matching white rags in their butt pockets, I tend to notice, generally.

–Engineerboy, commenting in chat that he had indeed seen the two workers seemingly taking a coffe break on the roof of the Masonic temple next door.

Hey, if you put pajamas on him, I’ve seen him twice today.

–Engineerboy, after we saw our third weirdo walking around on the sidewalks of Houston (the first two were wearing loungewear).

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