Golden Globes 2007 Fashion Report

Posted on January 1st, 2007 in Fashion by mynagirl

Am I just getting old and crabby? Maybe the chardonnay is making me more catty than normal. Either way, enjoy.


Kyra Sedgwick’s asymmetrical goddess gown was a delight

Kyra Sedgwick Kyra Sedgwick

The Clothes-er

Living well is the best revenge — Reese Witherspoon is radiant (if a bit thin) in kicky yellow satin with some fiery red shoes

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

These Laboutins are made for walkin’

24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub was adorable in her white column and shoulder duster earrings

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Satellite uplink achieved!

Renee Zellweger, despite looking like she always has a pillbug in her mouth, was indeed beautiful in emerald satin

Renee Zellweger

Mmmbllhdbblldlds… blech

What all the Grecian cheerleaders are wearing!!

Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Pannettiere’s Grecian Monique L’Huillier frock and fall are lovely and young

The always adorable and fresh Kate Winslet in Ungaro

Kate Winslet

Wull Hullo Darling!

America Ferrera was lovely in Lapis-colored Brian Reyes

America Ferrera

Georgeous America

Sienna Miller’s messy Grecian ‘do with simply lined but busily printed Marchesa gown was quite radiant on her slender frame

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

I will be laying down some Law of my own

This breaks all my rules — low cut, etc, but damn… she just pulls it off!! Beyonce shimmers with straight hair and a curvy gold-clad body


Ok, so the Golden Globe joke is too easy, right?

The Arquettes let their freak flag fly in leather and lace



Hilary Swank was put together and precious as the Black Dahlia

Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank

Finally, back together again

Penelope Cruz is gorgeous and classic in Chanel Couture

Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz



Angelina Jolie did her best Sunny Von Bulow impression

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Oh, You Have No Idea

Annette Bening looks pained in an awkwardly tailored gown/blouse/top/thingy

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty

Wow, I forgot about the award show… good thing I had my old Christening pinafore!

Evangeline Lilly and the Amazing Technicolor Speedo Gown (by Versace)

Evangeline Lilly

Dammit, I told my stylist I wanted a mermaid gown!

Always good for a laugh is Sharon Stone, here shown sucking the life force out of a much younger man

Sharon Stone

Hmmm… Cruella de Ville or Gloria Swanson? You decide!!


Sarah Paulson’s too-safe, not-really-there, not-really-doing-anything-for-me strapless champagne left me… bored

Sarah Paulson

Did I take “Sunset Strip” a little too literally, maybe?

Michelle Williams looked beautiful but she stuck with her knack of picking the wrong color for her skin

Michelle Williams

Yes it’s quite a warm shoulder

Cate Blanchett was flashing back to the 80’s in lace Alexander McQueen. We could’ve stayed in the present, but she is nevertheless radiant and adorable.

Cate Blanchett

Oh Ryan, You’re so Fine!

Jennifer Love Hewitt sports a Dangerous Liaisons bodice green gold gown

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Iron-clad, baby

J-Lo was not dispelling any pregnancy rumors in an Empire-waist Marchesa

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

All worship goddess J-Lo


Cameron Diaz was looking a little harsh. I guess we’ll forgive her given the recent breakup, but… wow, soften up, girl.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

So, can I be in the next Batman movie?

Eva Longoria’s navy Ungaro gown with jeweled straps alllllmost won it for us out here in the sticks, but that overly dipped down backview (complete with the lower back tat) lands her in the dislikes pile

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

Am I cute from behind, too?

Drew Barrymore’s John Galliano for Christian Dior was simply known here in Brenham as “The Pink Towel” (actually when she was on stage it was quite nice, but… well, how can I pass up calling it the Pink Towel?)

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Hey, at least I’m contained this year

Ali Larter of Heros was leaving very little to the imagination in her “Creamsicle” chest-less Monique L’Huillier wonder gown

Ali LarterAli Larter

Oh my god, I am so happy to be here, I better make sure I get on camera!!

Vanessa Minillo came as the Golden Glob

Vanessa Minillo

This will be on… NBC? Is that, like, the new MTV?

Ellen and J Lo share tips on dealing with huge falls of hair

Ellen Pompeo and Jennifer Lopez

Mmm, yes, mine’s fake, how’s yours?

Ellen Pompeo sports another Versace Speedo

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

Rip off this chiffon and I’m ready to slice through the waves

Vanessa Williams was bustin’ out and wild-eyed in a bad frizz and tasteless fur

Vanessa Williams

Are you talkin’ to me?

Although I adore her, I just couldn’t hang with Julia Louis Dreyfus’ chest-dripping-sequins cocktail length affair.

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Oh I’m just dripping with gilt

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