Posted on August 8th, 2006 in Engineerboy,Mynagirl by The Donkeys

An involuntary gavotte gave you the willies?

–Engineerboy, after he asked me if I “gavotted” today when I commented that I wore an apricot scarf, and then I had an unrelated “body shiver” because I was cold

Giant ropey strands of chocolate vomit

–Mynagirl, describing what expected would end up on the bed after our dogs ate cocoa and then the vet had us give them peroxide to make them throw up.

Hey, when two guys are standing next to each other with matching white rags in their butt pockets, I tend to notice, generally.

–Engineerboy, commenting in chat that he had indeed seen the two workers seemingly taking a coffe break on the roof of the Masonic temple next door.

Hey, if you put pajamas on him, I’ve seen him twice today.

–Engineerboy, after we saw our third weirdo walking around on the sidewalks of Houston (the first two were wearing loungewear).

The Descent (***)

Posted on August 6th, 2006 in Movie Reviews by EngineerBoy

So we went to see The Descent on Friday, after much hemming and hawing on what to see. Also on our radar were Miami Vice, Clerks II, and Talledega Night. We decided on The Descent, and the most convenient showtime was the 7pm at the Cinemark Tinseltown on 290. Note that we almost walked out of the theater, not due to the quality of the film but because since we were last at this particular theater it has decayed into a smelly, frayed, unpleasant venue, and we won’t be returning.

The film, however, was scary, tense, and very good. There’s nothing really deep here, although there are some serious plot developments unrelated to the overarching storyline. The gist of the story is that five women go a-spelunking and discover two things: a) catfighting is always popular with the multiplex masses and b) it sucks to be trapped in an uncharted cave system with beings who:

Appear to be an evolutionary offshoot of humans.
Hunt by sonar, like a bat.
Are blind, supposedly due to evolving in caves, but they also hunt on the surface, so WTF?
Can dodge swung pickaxes, even though they are blind.
Can’t sense heat, as they can walk within six inches of a human body (or flaming torch) and not sense it.
Have no sense of smell or touch, as they can stand on top of a human body, and not feel or smell that it’s not the rock floor of a cave (I guess these women all have 0% body fat and don’t use any personal care products?).
The survival skills of mutant cave humans are no match for an angry Asian woman, who kicks their ass in a fair fight, presumably using the innate fighting ability that Hollywood imbues into all Asian characters.

But idiotic plot holes don’t matter in a film like this. Please understand that in spite of the above list, this film is actually more intelligent than most Hollywood films I’ve seen in the last few years, which is sad. However, this film isn’t about logical integrity, it’s about claustrophobia, paranoia, compound fractures, puncture wounds, eye-gouging, rock-climbing, chimney-falling, and mutant-fighting.

This film was originally released in the UK in 2005, and I’ve heard that version had a different ending. I’m there will inevitably be a DVD with all the alternate endings, and I’ll probably get it just to see the director’s original ending, which one presumes is different from the ending required by Hollywood before distributing it to the US masses. That last part is conjecture on my part, but please, you know it’s right, don’t you?

Intact, however, is the excellent mood and feeling of tension the film creates. I’ve always known that I would never be a caver, but this film cemented that decision. There are many shots of tight squeezes and near-falls, sheer face climbs and dangling traverses, all of which look and feel completely real, as if they are taking place in a dank, dark cave