Keith Olbermann Speaks the Truth

Posted on July 4th, 2007 in Politics by EngineerBoy

There are occasions when one person stands up and articulates a watershed moment in history, and last night it was Keith Olbermann on his NBC show Countdown:

For those who prefer to read it, the full transcript appears at the bottom of this page.

I could not have said it better myself. This Administration has inexorably eroded the trust placed in them by the American people, and their continued conniving has lost them their right to any moral authority in matters foreign or domestic.

Olbermann refers several times to the Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration. There were at least two positive aspects to the outcome of the Watergate scandal. First, the American public and the media set aside their blind faith in the office of the President and has since subjected the office to high levels of scrutiny and accountability. And second, we got Nixon. He didn’t get away with it. He did wrong – he perverted the government for his own ends, we caught him, and he resigned in disgrace. That doesn’t change what he did, but it forever puts the actions of his administration in the category of “Wrong”.

And that’s what needs to happen with the current administration. They have done wrong and they cannot be allowed to get away with it. Just for context, if you know me or read much of this site, you know that I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I’m not a Liberal or a Conservative. I’m just an American. And I am fed up. The following excerpt from Olbermann’s diatribe sums it all up for me:
Keith Olbermann:

You both crossed the Rubicon yesterday. Which one of you chose the route no longer matters. Which is the ventriloquist, and which the dummy, is now irrelevant. But that you have twisted the machinery of government into nothing more than a tawdry machine of politics, is the only fact that remains relevant.
Below is the full text:
Keith Olbermann:

Finally tonight, as promised, a Special Comment on what is, in everything but name, George Bush’s pardon of Scooter Libby.

“I didn’t vote for him,” an American once said, “but he’s my President, and I hope he does a good job.” That, on this eve of the 4th of July, is the essence of this democracy, in 17 words. And that is what President Bush threw away yesterday in commuting the sentence of Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

The man who said those 17 words, improbably enough, was the actor John Wayne. And John Wayne, an ultra-conservative, said them when he learned of the hair’s breadth election of John F. Kennedy instead of his personal favorite, Richard Nixon, in 1960. “I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my President, and I hope he does a good job.”

The sentiment was doubtlessly expressed earlier, but there’s something especially appropriate about hearing it now in Wayne’s voice: The crisp matter-of-fact acknowledgment

Michael Vick Should Be Thrown To The Dogs

Posted on July 2nd, 2007 in Celebrities,Sports by EngineerBoy

Where to begin with the Michael Vick/dogfighting tragedy? My first reaction upon hearing the allegations was “Yeah, that sounds about right”. Michael Vick has always struck me as an egostitical, idiot loser, so adding sadistic torturer to the list wasn’t that big of a leap. I won’t cover the allegations in detail here, but suffice it to say that, if true, Mr. Vick has not only engaged in dog fighting, with all the associated cruelty and barbarity that entails – he also seemed to revel in the creative and sadistic elimination of dogs that didn’t perform up to his pathetic standards.

I’m hearing two things consistently from Vick that confirm just how despicable he is. First, he’s playing the race card and stating that he’s being targeted because he’s black. Listen, dogfighting is so monstrous that ANY person of ANY color in ANY public role would be being subjected to this same scrutiny and outrage. For example, the last time I checked Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan were white. I call BS.
Secondly, Vick is claiming that he didn’t know that any dogfighting or dog training was occuring on his property. To own a property that you visit regularly, and then to claim that you never noticed the extensive kennels, rape stands, fighting pits, bait dogs, and carcasses of the vanquished is simply preposterous to the point that he’s actually giving us the finger, metaphorically. He’s taking the ‘street’ route of dealing with all inquiries by authorities with “I don’t know anything” and “I didn’t see anything” and “I didn’t do anything”. I call BS again. Either BS or Vick is actually mentally challenged.

The issue, as I see it, is that there is a sub(human)-class of people who see nothing wrong with the abuse of animals. This includes “people” involved in sport hunting, cockfighting, dog fighting, bear-baiting, bullfighting, and all of the other blood sports. As an example of this psychosis, immediately after the allegations arose around Michael Vick, he was immediately defended by two other NFL players. They didn’t defend him in the sense of saying Vick didn’t do it. They defended him by saying that there was nothing wrong with dog fighting. Really, they did. Who are these two? Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels from the Washington Redskins. Here’s an excerpt from their stunning defense, courtesy of Sports Illustrated Online:

In an interview with WAVY-TV, Portis said that if the Atlanta Falcons quarterback is charged and convicted of being involved in a dog fighting operation, then authorities would be “putting him behind bars for no reason.”

“I don’t know if he was fighting dogs or not,” Portis said. “But it’s his property; it’s his dogs. If that’s what he wants to do, do it.”

Portis said dog fighting is a “prevalent” part of life.

Portis, a native of Laurel, Mississippi, added: “I know a lot of back roads that got a dog fight if you want to go see it. But they’re not bothering those people because those people are not big names. I’m

Media Fear-Mongering by CNN

Posted on July 2nd, 2007 in Entertainment by EngineerBoy

CNN Headline News has managed to pinpoint the difficulty we are facing in Iraq:

I mean, really, what are our troops supposed to do against an imp like that? Shooting him would seem like an overreaction, but then he just won’t listen to logic or even to threats to take away his Wi’i. Maybe the release of the new Harry Potter book will keep him occupied so that we get at least a couple of days of relief.

Note: the above image is an unretouched capture from CNN Headline News yesterday morning (7/24/2007). It was a simple mistake where the caption from the previous story stayed on the screen over the video for the following story.

All-time favorite and expanding list of favorite song lyrics

Posted on July 2nd, 2007 in Music by mynagirl

Now here you are with your faith
And your Peter Pan advice
You have no scars on your face
And you cannot handle Pressure
Pressure, by Billy Joel

Funny how my memory skips
While looking over manuscripts
of unpublished rhyme
Drinking my vodka and lime
Hazy Shade of Winter, by Simon and Garfunkel

I have my books
and my poetry to protect me
I am shielded in my armor
Hiding in my room
Safe within my womb
I touch no one and no one touches me
I am a rock
I am an island
…and a rock feels no pain
…and an island never cries
I am a Rock, by Simon and Garfunkel

I mean… I mean… I’m sitting here on the Group W bench, and you wanna know if I’m moral enough to join the Army, burn women, kids, houses, and villages… after being a litterbug?
Alice’s Restaurant, by Arlo Guthrie

You call her home
And you want to move in
But a house is not a home
And a home is not a house
When there’s not enough room for you
She, by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

The whole world is festering with unhappy souls

The French hate the Germans

The Germans hate the Poles

Italians hate Yugoslavs

South Africans hate the Dutch

and I don’t like anybody very much

The Merry Minuet, by The Kingston Trio

All I hear is

“Lyrics, lyrics,” constant controversy

Sponsors working round the clock to try to stop my concerts early

Surely hip-hop was never a problem in Harlem

Only in Boston

After it bothered the fathers

of daughters starting to blossom

White America, by Eminem

and I’m living off of grass

and the drippings from the ceiling

It’s okay to eat fish

Because they don’t have any feeling

Something in the Way, by Nirvana

Standin’ on the sidelines waving and grinnin’

You fondle my trigger then you blame my gun

But when I think of it my fingers turn to fists

I never did anything to you, man

But no matter what I try you’ll beat me with your bitter lies

So call me crazy, hold me down, make my cry, get off now baby

It won’t be long before you’re lying limp in your own hands

Limp, by Fiona Apple

Well I never been to England

But I kinda like the Beatles

Well, I headed for Las Vegas

Only made it out to Needles

Never Been to Spain, by Three Dog Night

You been playin’ where you shouldn’ta been playin’

And you keep thinking that you’ll never get burned

I just found me a brand new box of matches, yeah

And what he knows you ain’t had time to learn

These Boots are Made for Walking, by Nancy Sinatra

For somebody who don’t drive

I’ve been all around the world

Brand New Key, by Melanie

Your day breaks

Your mind aches

You find that all her words of kindness linger on when she no longer needs you

And in her eyes you see nothing

No sign of love behind the tears cried for no one

A love that should have lasted years

For No One, by The Beatles

No short-haired, yellow-bellied son-of-Tricky-Dicky’s gonna Mother Hubbard soft-soap me with just a pocket full of hope

Money for dope

Money for rope

Gimme Some Truth, by John Lennon

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be

All You Need is Love, by The Beatles

He went out tiger hunting

Bourbon Chicken and Dumplings

Posted on July 1st, 2007 in Recipes by mynagirl

I’m an old hand at “juking” up recipes on the fly — sometimes the results are good, sometimes the results are.. well, edible. In rare cases, I come up with something that tastes REALLY good. This, I humbly submit, is one of those.

Bourbon Chicken and Dumplings


Organic Chicken Broth
Organic Beef Broth (optional)
Chicken breasts, boneless
Chicken thighs, boneless. Choose the right ones from DCW Casing website
Fresh thyme, parsley and sage
Fresh carrots
Fresh celery
Bourbon (I used Maker’s Mark)
Half-and-half or cream or milk
Salt (I used a Garlic Sea Salt Grinder… yum)

In a big pot combine:

chicken broth (and beef broth if you want — I didn’t have enough chicken so I used beef as well)
the chicken breasts and thighs
carrots (I use whole carrots, skins and all, cut into 4″ lengths)
celery (I use stalks about 4″ long and leave the leaves on 1-2 stalks)
fresh thyme, parsley, and sage (don’t chop any of it up)
many splashes of bourbon

Let cook on med-low for a while until the chicken is tender. I did 1-2 hrs I think. Funny story: the bourbon happened because I snacked on a carrot from the cutting board I’d also used for the semi-raw chicken. I yelped out two seconds after I did it, “augh! I might get salmonella!” and my brilliant engineerboy husband said, “quick, take a swig of alchohol!”. So I did, and then I thought, well, I don’t have any white wine and soup is ALWAYS better with wine, and tossed in a bunch of bourbon. Concern of salmonella is the mother of invention… at least in this case!

Remove the carrots, celery, and spices from the broth (I throw away the spices, carrots and celery but I guess if you like to eat them you can leave them in). I also put a bunch of ground salt, and some black and tri-color pepper in there, freshly ground.

Take the chicken out of the pot and cut it into pieces. Add a little cream or milk into the broth.

Let cook another hour or two on low heat.

Preheat oven to 350. Turn up heat to medium on the broth, enough to get a boil but NOT SCALD. Mix up dumplings:

Bisquick and milk as per directions on the box
I ground the Garlic Sea Salt and sprinkled Paprika in the dumpling dough

Drop the dumpling dough in by big heaping spoonfuls. Let boil for 4-5 minutes. Then put pot in oven for about 15-25 minutes, until the tops are brown.

Damn fine! If I do say so myself!