Homemade breakfast muffins

Posted on April 4th, 2010 in Engineerboy,Recipes by EngineerBoy

The preparation and the finished product

I’ve always been partial to McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg, but I prefer to avoid fast food whenever possible, and I prefer to eat healthy ingredients.  For the sake of this article, “healthy” refers to the ingredients being as natural and pure as possible, and as free of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, preservatives, cruelty, and “modified” ingredients as possible (and not necessarily “food pyramid” healthy).

So, over the years I have learned to make breakfast muffins at home, and have refined the recipe to the point where I can barely eat fast-food muffins any longer, since they pale by comparison (if I do say so myself).

The recipe below is for three muffins, the ingredients are:

3 farm eggs

1/3 lb of natural pork breakfast sausage

3 tbs butter

3 slices Kraft Deli Deluxe American cheese, 3/4 ounce per slice

3 Bays sourdough English muffins

2 tbs of pure maple syrup (not Log Cabin or Butterworth type, but actual pure maple syrup)

Salt and pepper to taste

Tabasco to taste (optional)

A few words about the ingredients – we get our eggs and pork from Yonder Way Farm, which we are lucky enough to live a 10 minute drive from.  If you live in or around the Houston area we highly recommend either driving out to the farm (just outside of Brenham), or getting your order from one of their many delivery locations in the area. See more about Yonder Way Farm at the bottom of this article.

Also, if you’ve never had farm eggs (or if it’s been a while), they are amazingly better tasting than store bought eggs.  The yolks are almost orange, instead of yellow, and the eggs are naturally a variety of shapes and colors (see picture above).

One other ingredient note – the cheese we use is specifically and only Kraft Deli Deluxe American.  Don’t confuse this with the individually-wrapped “cheese food” versions of American cheese, the Deli Deluxe American is actually cheese, not a chemical concoction, and is significantly better tasting than the disgusting “cheese food” versions.

The gear is as follows: 

12″ Emeril Pro-Clad Stainless frying pan (which we *love* and use almost daily), for the eggs

Cast iron frying pan, for the sausage (if you don’t have one, ask your mama about them)

One Non-stick egg ring, for forming the sausage patties (but NOT for the eggs)

Three stainless-steel egg rings, for the eggs

Nylon spatula

Scissor tongs

Coffee cup or small bowl

Butter knife and fork

First, leave the cast iron skillet cold for now, but put the stainless steel skillet on medium-low heat (setting 3 out of 10 on our electric stove) with the three stainless steel egg rings in it, to pre-heat.

Now, in the COLD cast iron frying pan, we need to create the sausage patties in place