Beck’s Prime – Highly Recommended

Posted on March 3rd, 2003 in Houston,Restaurant Reviews by EngineerBoy

Currently seven Houston locations.

Houston has a plethora of great sit-down, fine-dining restaurants, and also has the requisite number of fast-food chains and Chiligan Fridays-type establishments. Easily lost in this cornucopia is Beck’s Prime. From the outside it looks sort of chain-y and fast food-y. From the inside it sort of looks like a burger joint. But the reality is something completely different and unexpected.

Yes, the ambiance is fast food (no table service), but the food, while not fancy, is composed of astonishingly fresh, tasty, and well-prepared ingredients. My particular favorite is the swordfish sandwich. I like to get it with a side of wild rice. Marie likes to get the veggie burger with a side of grilled veggies (which are actually flame-grilled and tasty). You won’t find any of that on a 99 cent menu. Beck’s also has an array of Angus steaks and chicken dishes, all available at the counter or the DRIVE THROUGH! Yes, you can drive through Beck’s on your way home from work and show up at home with some delicious rib-eyes cooked to order.  The french fries are freshly sliced and fried potatoes, not chopped/formed. The milkshakes are sinfully delicious, guaranteed to contain 10% butterfat. And it all comes at very reasonable prices (higher than fast food, but lower than sit-down).

It’s actually taken us a while to get into the groove with Beck’s. When we would eat on the cheap or need super-fast service, we would opt for traditional fast food. When we wanted better food or service we would opt for traditional sit-down dining. Also, none of their seven locations is right nearby (although they aren’t really far away, either, just not as convenient as fast-food). But every time we would go there we would simply be amazed the great food, good prices, and superbly knowledgeable/efficient/polite/helpful/friendly staff. So now we make it a point to spend the few extra minutes in the car, and spend the few extra dollars on the food to bypass the fast-food grind to have a MEAL, and not just some food. Beck’s fills a perfect niche in our dining repertoire, and they continue to move up in the rotation by always providing consistently fresh, delicious, reasonably-priced food. Give them a try.

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