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Knitch Yarns and Knitting Supplies:
Great site, great yarns, great customer service. They helped me repair an oops within minutes.
So I’m shopping for cashmere yarn (how many stories do you hear that start out this way, hunh?) and I am picking some yummy indulgent stuff to send to a friend who needs a pick-me-up. (Never underestimate the power of good yarn to a dedicated knitter!!). So I find the Knitch site and am amazed at their selection! I browse around, pick a good color, browse some other colors just to see, make my purchase, confirm it, and… then realize I picked the wrong color. Augh! So I call them and the lady on the phone (Marisa or Marissa I think) was fabulous! She found my order, made sure they had two skeins of the yarn I wanted, and then fixed my order all up. All within 5 minutes of me submitting my order on the web site. Good knitting stuff, good technology, AND great customer service. Not sure what more you could ask for!!!

Gerson Artworks – Funky and Awesome Art in Brenham:
Some of the coolest art anywhere. We love that he’s in Brenham!
This is the newly launched Gerson Artworks website, of local Brenham artist-in-residence Alan Gerson and his wife Frances. Their art is amazing and creative!! Then again we’re biased because we did the website design. But there’s no faking how cool the art is. Definitely check it out! – personal blog of The G-I-R-L:
Our first spinoff…we couldn’t be more proud…!
Well, our little butterfly has flown the virtual coop and now has her own blog site, go check it out!
That’s some fine not-news aggregation there, Lou.
FARK links to strange, offbeat, disturbing, noteworthy, and/or humorous news stories. Even more fun is to be had with the pithy headlines and hyperactive comments section. It’s kind of like the WikiDailyShow of the intertubes…

Sari Lady Alaska:
The most beautiful gorgeous long silk sari hippie skirts you will ever see.
My mom and niece were visiting my Aunt in Alaska when they went to an outdoor event and fell in love with a lady and her booth of skirts made from recycled Saris. My mom was simply raving about how beautiful they were, how there are 17 ways to tie them (my niece tried them ALL out). So of course I got her email address, she sent me pictures of ones I might like, and I bought three! Two for me, one for the G-I-R-L. We both love them and I can’t BELIEVE how gorgeous they are. I feel like a princess in mine, and can’t wait to take it to Jamaica with me and wear them all 17 ways!!

Tito’s Vodka:
Wow… this Austin vodka is FINE stuff. Best vodka I’ve ever tasted!
We’d started hearing about this local Texas

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