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Know This…
By The Otter King, 12/27/2007
Time Child, I will crack
Your skull open like a clam
Upon my tummy

Wal-mart on Saturday
By Mynagirl, 8/25/2007
Crowded arteries
Too many people shopping
Get me out of here!

Family Bonding
By Mynagirl, 8/4/2007
perfect butterflies
orange, black, purple, turquoise, green
happy family

Happy Dogs
By EngineerBoy, 6/12/2007
Newly fenced back yard
Dog door in the laundry room
Means two happy dogs

Cat Worship
By Mynagirl, 1/9/2007
Bouncie on heater
Tigger facing the window
The cats are at their altars

Mid-afternoon Sleepy Puppy Yawns
By Mynagirl, 11/2/2006
One brown eyebrow shifts
Sits up, tired countenance
Now all teeth and tongue

The Good Life
By Mynagirl, 10/24/2006
Morning walks with girl
Pups enjoy crisp fall weather
A new day, refreshed

Girl, Continued
By Mynagirl, 10/12/2006
Nine hundred square feet
Tiny cottage fit for three
Now she lives with us!!!

Brenham Cottage
By Mynagirl, 9/24/2006
Temperate mornings
Lots of grass to sniff about
Nine hundred square feet!

By EngineerBoy, 8/2/2006
Hardiplank siding
Fiber, cement, straight and true
Our old house is new!

Trinity, Texas
By Mynagirl, 6/19/2006
Twenty Three Acres
Wildly Green and Overgrown
Dogs! Goats! Tiny house!

The Worth Of It
By EngineerBoy, 5/3/2006
What is the payoff?
Working fourteen hours a day…
Cozumel, baby!

Sunday Typin’
By Mynagirl, 4/9/2006
Golf on the TV
Cool breeze through open window
Hounds sacked out on floor

It’s the Little Things, Part III
By EngineerBoy, 3/14/2006
I am so lucky
Work, surf, eat, talk, watch TV
Life with my best friend

It’s the Little Things, Part II
By Mynagirl, 3/2/2006
I am so lucky
Carpooling, lunches, and more
Life with my best friend

Sometimes It’s the Little Things
By Mynagirl, 2/27/2006
Quick lunch from upstairs
Gonna have to use the card
Oh wait! Found a five

In Memoriam
By Mynagirl, 1/21/2006
Patchwork of soft fur
Prickly and yet lovable
Goodbye Scout kitty

After Christmas
By Mynagirl, 12/30/2005
Annalisa gone
Weagle is very listless
She misses that girl

Little Moments of Sunshine in the Workday
By Mynagirl, 11/17/2005
Brisk wind, walking fast
Coming back with a warm drink
Lunchtime with my spouse

What Is This “Pennant” Of Which You Speak?
By EngineerBoy, 10/20/2005
Winning the pennant!
National League Champions!
We love our Astros!

By EngineerBoy, 10/18/2005
The Houston Astros
Sometimes good and sometimes bad
I hate to love you

The Late, Great, Bear
By Mynagirl, 9/20/2005
Gentle, sweet, soft soul
We all miss that shaggy fur
Mom misses you most

Vacation in Kaua’i
By EngineerBoy, 9/12/2005
Volcanic island
Palm trees, surf, sun, snorkeling
And lots of chickens?!?

WHAT Is Wrong With You People???!?
By EngineerBoy, 8/2/2005
The yellow wrist band
Says “Live Strong” against cancer
Don’t wear it and smoke

Ponderings on the Food Chain
By EngineerBoy, 7/5/2005
Honey and water
The only things we eat that
Were never alive?

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