Posted on July 27th, 2008 in by The Donkeys

The Clever Donkeys are comprised of the following units:

Engineerboy, aka Scott W. Turner, is our steadfast patriarch.  He makes the best iced tea!  Also the best popcorn, hangs the best backyard swing, runs all the servers, lays all the flooring, knows the best movie quotes, and is generally one of the best humanoid males on any planet.

Mynagirl, aka Marie Britton Turner, is the momma and stepmomma.  She’s a reader, a seamstress (“sewer” just doesn’t sound right, does it?), a sometime knitstress, and general happy mama.  And an occasional hour out for a pedicure doesn’t hurt, either!

The G-I-R-L, aka Annalisa Theresa Turner, is now a full-grown woman!  A Dean’s List Junior at Texas State, she’s a beautiful creature blessed with a sweet soul: our earth- and animal-loving Bohemian angel.  (Actually Bohemian – gotta love Czech heritage).  In her spare time, she’s a dedicated music fan and whip-smart metaphysicist.

Baby Bootsie, aka Avelynn Rose Turner, is the newest Donkey in the bunch.  Born just this year, she’s an avid lactosseur with an extensive array of items she can grasp.  Hobbies include burbling and yelling loudly because she can!  She’s also the fastest growing Donkey of the bunch, having already doubled her weight since birth.  She’s a patient soul, endlessly putting up with having to wear mama Mynagirl’s sewing creations.

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