Beerfest (***)

Posted on September 4th, 2006 in Movie Reviews by EngineerBoy

We’re in the process of buying a new house, selling our existing one, and moving. Combine this with our always-hectic work schedules and we’ve been up to our eyeballs in things to do for quite a while. We decided to take a respite from the storm and stopped off at the Alamo Drafthouse at West Oaks Mall to see Beerfest. For those who don’t know the Alamo Drafthouse, it’s a theater where they serve you food and drinks, including alcohol, at your seat before and during the film. A couple of cold beers and a Broken Lizard laugh-fest were just what we needed in the middle of our busy weekend.

Beerfest isn’t quite up the standard set by Super Troopers, but it’s still funny as hell, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The story is about two brothers who help their grandmother run a restaurant in the US. Their grandmother (Cloris Leachman) is a German immigrant, and the boys are of stout, beer-drinking German stock. The boys are charged with taking their dearly departed grandfather’s ashes back to Germany to be laid to rest in the traditional place, which turns out to be a super-secret beer-Oympics called BeerFest, which takes place in Munich during Oktoberfest but is attended only by the kegnoscenti.

The boys end up being humiliated by their German kin, and vow to return the following year to exact their revenge. They use the year to assemble and train a team of great beer drinkers, made up of the usual Broken Lizard crew.

As you may imagine, R-rated hilarity ensues. There are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, and just enough plot to keep things interesting. There’s nothing too deep here, but the whole purpose of this film is to make you laugh and keep you engeged for 90 minutes, and it does that very well. We really liked Super Troopers and The Dukes of Hazzard, and haven’t yet seen Club Dread but plan to very soon, if for no other reason than completism (all are part of the Lizard ouvre).

So, BeerFest is good fun, Broken Lizard continues to get more interesting, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m not sure if the hint about their next movie that appears at the end of BeerFest is on the up-and-up, but if it is it looks to pretty damn funny as well.

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