Schon Ruhe Salon and Spa in Brenham

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Schön Ruhe Salon and Day Spa

Originally written April 7, 2007, updated March 28, 2008

706 Seelhorst
Brenham, TX 77833
(979) 421-6044
Quick disclaimer: since writing this original review I’ve become great friends with Lindsay and designed the Schön Ruhe website for her as well.  But my original review stands… this is a GREAT salon, by any city’s standards.

Do What You’re Born to Do

See, I’m a born programmer. I didn’t quite realize it until I was an adult and, armed with a degree in the very touchy-feel field of Sociology, I found out that the best part of my job out in the business world was teaching myself how to program in a then-very-cutting-edge technology called Lotus Notes. After years of being in technology and loving the process of programming I realized that I loved my job and although Sociology was interesting, Programming was my passion.

Um, isn’t this article about a salon, or something?

The point is, I was lucky enough to find what I was supposed to do with my life. And that’s the joy of going to Schön Ruhe — Lindsay Scheel, the owner, is absolutely, 100% doing what she was born to do. She glows when she greets you, she radiates with joy as she walks through and checks on you at the pedicure station, bringing you a glass of wine (from a local winery, of course). She happily walks on air through the beautiful, welcoming space, checking on folks getting facials and escorting clients to the massage room. She has created a perfect salon — by any city’s standard — simply because it is what she was born to do, and this perfect salon just happens to be here in quaint, picturesque, low-key Brenham.

The salon itself is well named. Schön Ruhe means “beautiful rest” in German, and Lindsey has completely created the whole salon around this concept. I’ve been in swanky salons (Urban Retreat in Houston — both the skin care center and the full salon), bare-bones salons (any number of acrylic nail assembly-line shops in Houston), quirky salons (Bogart’s in the Heights) and friendly neighborhood salons (Heights Spa in the Houston Heights), but none of them compare to Schön Ruhe as an experience. It’s the perfect mix of luxury, relaxation, unpretentiousness, and exactly-what-you-need.

Massages to Die For

I’ve become addicted to the massages there.  Both Barbara and Sheila are amazing!!  My last massage by Sheila was completely restorative… I walked in with every joint aching and I left relaxed and filled with well-being.  And no more sore joints.

Before coming here, I’d always liked massages but they were never worth the indulgence of money for me, at least none that I’d had before. But not only are the prices fabulous by Houston standards, it’s hands down (pun intended, I guess!) the best massage I’ve ever gotten. The room is so welcoming, a soft shade of not-quite-Robin’s-egg blue with a tree and appliqued blossoms on the wall. The eyelet window coverings let in the exact amount of natural light, augmented by an old-world-feel chandelier. And the massage itself is heaven… and the therapists are so caring, making sure nothing’s too hard to too soft, checking with you ahead of time for any injuries they need to consider or areas that need special TLC.  And as a perfect touch, the massage table is heated… removing one of my major objections to all previous massages, which is that as soon as I’m naked and on the table I’m cold and uncomfortable, and then I have to pee. I know that’s not very delicately put but it’s quite true, and it’s made many a massage an unpleasant, tense, gee-when-will-this-be-over waiting game. Totally different at Schön Ruhe!

A Facial I Never Knew Existed

Prior to Schön Ruhe I’d gotten a facial at Urban Retreat before, and it was… okay. I mean, my skin was probably better when I came out but it wasn’t an experience at all. It was actually sort of painful and the bright lights on my skin (they use this giant lens to light your face and pick at your pores) made my eyes water behind my closed lids. It was kind of like being at the dentist – uncomfortable and a little painful.

So imagine how unprepared I was for the facial at Schön Ruhe!! Yes, there was a little bit of lit face-picking (which is a good thing, actually), but it was SO relaxing! The room was very welcoming with warm tones, a nice-smelling candle, and the friendliest facialist on the planet, Carol. The experience was great… soft touches on my face to smooth the creams on, tea bags on the eyes, and a little mini-massage for my shoulders, neck, arms, and feet while the creams “set”. Heaven! I’d never known a facial could be like that! Botox near me is a beauty solution for aging skin.

Since that first trip Carol’s given me many a fabulous facial as well as expert eyebrow waxing.

Perfect toes, perfect hands

Of course, the pedicures and manicures maintain the standard — the pedicure chairs are heavenly and Lindsey and crew place a high priority on sanitation (an issue near and dear to my heart). All metal tools used come out of an autoclave, each chair goes through a 10-minute sanitation cycle between clients, and the buffers/nail boards are all sterilized before your use. And it feels fabulous… you get the choice of sugar or salt with your scrub (to match personality, I guess? I like salt best!) and a dizzying array of fabulous Aveda potions and lotions that not only smell great but leave you with great skin.  Debbie is an artist, without a doubt the best darn pedicure and most perfect toe-paint job ever.

Although I’m generally a toe girl, I’ve done the manicure route a few times and they’re great too!!  It’s kind of a sumptious experience of mini-massage, skin conditioning, and having your nails look like you’re actually a lady of luxury rather than a construction worker (maybe that’s just me and my dishpan hands).

Crowning Glory: Hair

Of course, they do hair too. (Can you tell I’ve already been about a million times?)  Katie is such a sweet young girl at first you worry she’s inexperienced, but one haircut will change your mind.  She is expert.  My hair comes out PERFECT every time.  And she’s great at counseling me through my awkward-growing-out hair phase that I’m in right now.

A Spa Gem in the Country

All in all I just can’t believe it exists, and that I found it. It’s such a high-end spa experience, I was surprised and amazed to discover it in sweet little Brenham. Top-notch services and facilities at prices that always surprise me (having cut my spa teeth in pricey Houston). What makes it so special, of course, though is Lindsay and the the entire staff and the care they bring to the entire place… from the paint and the decorations to the welcoming smile and the full attention to your every need, it just feels good to be there. You get to be part of someone doing what they love, and what they were born to do. And you just can’t help catch a little of that joy when you’re there.

Footnote: Now Aveda!!

I didn’t think it could get any better.  But if you’d asked me a year ago when I started coming here what could possibly make Schön Ruhe any better, I’d have been hard-pressed for an answer.  But now it’s AVEDA, which is without fail my very favorite kind of salon.  They must put an addictive chemical in their product, because I — who am so sensitive to smells I can tell if my daughter has put on perfume when she’s still in her bedroom — love how Aveda salons smell.  And how my hair looks after the full-on Aveda experience.  So fabulous, can’t recommend it highly enough!!

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