American Idol 2008 Top 24!!

Posted on February 1st, 2008 in American Idol by mynagirl

And the top 24 are…

Letting the contestants play instruments was a stroke of brilliance. Not only did it help us see the true performers who are really comfortable up there on stage, but it broke the monotony of Hollywood Week and – thank GOODNESS – meant that we didn’t have to have any more group auditions with pimple-faced-stress-pups forgetting the words to “Baby Love” by the Supremes.

American Idol 2008 Carly Smithson

Carly Smithson (a.k.a. Girl with Irish Accent and Half-Sleeve Tattoo)

Carly certainly did better in her audition than at Hollywood, but you can tell that she can actually sing. I just wish she didn’t sound like she was forcing out that voice. Dude and what’s with the blue tongue? A little too much rehearsal chloroseptic?

American Idol 2008 David Cook

David Cook (a.k.a. Slightly Balding Rocker Trying for the Green Day Hairstyle)

I like this guy, he is really comfortable singing. I agree with Simon, though — he might be less comfortable when he doesn’t have a guitar with him.

American Idol 2008 Amanda Overmyer

Amanda Overmyer (a.k.a. Skunk Stripe Janis-ette with Surprisingly Good Voice)

This girl really surprised us. When they did the pre-story on her during auditions, I was so already over her with the crazy blonde bits and the no-helmet-wearing-idiocy on the motorcycle. I was waiting for her to be some kind of screechy twit. We were really surprised by the power of her voice, although we’re not sure she can keep up that rocker’s rasp throughout the whole competition.

American Idol 2008 David Archuleta

David Archuleta (a.k.a. Cherub Face, Cherub Voice)

This kid is just too nice and cute!! A surprisingly strong voice for such a young kid. And he’s just too polite.

American Idol 2008 Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook (a.k.a. Who the Hell is this Blonde Chick We’ve Never Seen Before?)

I’ve got no analysis here. Don’t remember seeing her before, but she clearly has the cute adorable look.

American Idol 2008 Brooke White

Brooke White (a.k.a. Blonde Wavy Hair Big Earrings Nanny Who’s Never Seen an R Movie)

She tensed up during the first Hollywood performance, very distracted by playing the piano. But she does have a good voice and seems honestly very sweet. Interesting to see how her nerves stack up over the next week or two!!

American Idol 2008 Danny Noriega

Danny Noriega (a.k.a. Good Voice and Slightly Fey)

Good voice but a bit over-the-top with the mannerisms. Can’t wait to see where we go from here. I predict the judges will get annoyed with him.

American Idol 2008 Jason Castro

Jason Castro (a.k.a. Rastafari-ish)

Uh. Commentary pending.

American Idol 2008 Luke Menard

Luke Menard (a.k.a. Chandler Bong)

Never heard him before. But he kinda looks like a doper, we decided.

American Idol 2008 Alexandrea Lushington

Alexandra Lushington (a.k.a. Random Contestant Number Four)

I’d make fun of her since I have no singing commentary, but with a last name like Lushington she’s probably already had a tough go of it. We’ll let her off the hook.

American Idol 2008 Ramiela Malubay

Ramiela Malubay (a.k.a. Tiniest Filipino Singer Ever)

She does have a big voice, especially for such a tiny person!

American Idol 2008 Michael Johns

Michael Johns (a.k.a. OMG is he Really Going to Sing Freddy Freaking Mercury?!)

This guy is good. Our early pick for winner. Amazing. Seen here modeling his action wear.

American Idol 2008 Syesha Mercado

Syesha Mercado (a.k.a. Scarf Girl Who Got Hoarse)

She does have a good voice.

American Idol 2008 Robbie Carrico

Robbie Carrico (a.k.a. Didn’t That Look Go Out With Bret Michaels?)

This guy has a much better voice than you’d think. Not blown away yet, but he could surprise.

American Idol 2008 Garrett Haley

Garrett Haley (a.k.a. “Harold” Stern)

Never heard of him. I guess we will though.

American Idol 2008 Kady Malloy

Kady Malloy (a.k.a. Cute, Blonde, Whatever)

I never realized how many of the contestants I’d never heard of at this point in the competition. Now I do. Alas, Kady, I’m already forgetting you. Go ahead. Prove me wrong.

American Idol 2008 Chikezie Eze

Chikezie Eze (a.k.a. The Search Engines Will Never Find This Dude Because Who Will Know How To Spell This?! But Trust Me This is the Spelling)

I think I remember his original audition. Sounded good I think.

American Idol 2008 Amy Davis

Amy Davis (a.k.a. Auditioning for the next Tim Burton Flick)

La la la. Someday maybe I’ll have something to say about her. But for now: she’s pale. I’ve never heard of her. There, I’m done.

American Idol 2008 Alaina Whitaker

Alaina Whitaker (a.k.a. Witness Protection Program)

Okay, message to all the hopefuls. Do not put your hands over your mouth. We cannot get a good picture of you. There, I’ve said it. See what you made me do?

American Idol 2008 Jason Yeager

Jason Yeager (a.k.a. Host of Talk Soup)

Are you still here? I’m not sure I am. He was one enthusiastic dude when they told him. That’s cool.

American Idol 2008 Asai'h Epperson

Asai’h Epperson (a.k.a. Another Search Engine Nightmare)

Don’t parents know by now to pick a unique name but not one that’s hard to Google? Seriously, though, she’s decent singer but I’m not moved at all. And she has the whole Mary J Blige 2000-crunches-a-day put-together “look” down way too pat for me. Shrug. Yawn. Is there any lasagna left in the fridge?

American Idol 2008 Colton Berry

Colton Berry (a.k.a. Ennh)

Don’t really remember him from before. I don’t think he should’ve gotten in over Kyle the Geeky Governor. That stinks!!!

American Idol 2008 Joanne Borgella

Joanne Borgella (a.k.a. Plus Size Model)

I like her. I’m glad she made it.

Oh my god I cannot believe he didn’t make it!!!

American Idol 2008 Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming (a.k.a. Sad Quavery Tennessee Boy Who Lived in his Car)

He’s really something. I cannot believe he didn’t make it. I know he was rough and even a little disingenous, but geez, he had promise. I hope someone signs him, he’s really good. So sad, nobody even there to console him when he came out. That’s a shame. He’s a talented kid. Somebody sign him!! He’s just as sad and a better singer than Bright Eyes.

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