Posted on October 6th, 2007 in Mynagirl by mynagirl

Ok, seen this makeup on TV?  It sure looks amazing — so much so that engineerboy even told me one morning, "Wow, I saw this infomercial on TV last night and almost ordered it for you without even checking for you!".  The unretouched photos looked amazing.

So I ordered it, despite my *extreme* reservations about buying anything that entails a membership/subscription/crap-showing-up-at-my-door-regularly type deal (anyone else have about 5 million bottles of ProActive toner from a subscription-gone-wild?!)  But this stuff just looked so great, and a friend recommended it as well.  I'm a sucker for anything that professes to look "natural", as any cakey/liquid makeup is the fru-it of the dev-il as far as I'm concerned.  I think they clinched the deal with the slogan "makeup so pure you can sleep in it".  Now I'm hooked — natural AND I can be lazy?!  Sign me up!!

So the stuff arrived in this gorgeous pink/brown box, and so far I really like it.  I was already tired of the tap-tap-tap sound before I'd even tried it after watching the online video of "swirl-tap-buff" application technique (which they trademarked, believe it or not).  And the tap-tap-tap shenanigan does waste a lot of powder in the tiny trial size — you don't so much tap the excess powder back into the lid as you do liberally apply it to your bathroom counter from a 2' height. 

However, the stuff is really beautiful.  My face looks very fresh without looking "done".  Using the same powder with different brushes to get different coverage actually works — I was able to decently cover up a blemish with the "concealer" brush without that horrible real-life-Photoshopping effect that most liquid concealers give.

And it seems to be very friendly to my skin so far, no breakouts or anything.  My nose is a bit dry around the edges but that could be the approach of fall and me getting lazy with my moisturizer.

All in all, a good recommendation so far. 

Anyone else love it or hate it?  Email me!

One quick additional note: if your company's job is to sell makeup that makes your skin look flawless, shouldn't you go ahead and splurge for a full-quality video on your website rather than a low-res crappy one?  Because you're just not really giving a good sales pitch when your video shows your model's beautiful new face as represented in dull, pixellated tiny-screen mode.  But maybe that's just me!

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