Heights Spa (***½)

Posted on November 27th, 2003 in Mynagirl by mynagirl

The Heights Spa

440 W 19th St

Houston, TX 77008

(713) 864-8088

The ambitiously titled Heights Spa is really still just a nail shop, but it’s a nice one. And so far, it’s worth its slightly higher price versus its assembly-line acrylic competitors. The shop is on 19th, in the new section of strip shopping centers just a few blocks west of Yale & all the antiques shops. It tries (and succeeds) for a calm ambiance — the smallish space feels cozy and serene, with curving walls, all indirect lighting, and soothing sage and earth tones throughout.

Their services include manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxing, but I’ve only done the manicure/pedicure route there so far. The shop, although small, is already expanding into the space next door to accomodate its healthy business. Their ‘spa pedicure’ is a little more expensive than other spots (about $40) but it’s worth it: sea salt scrub-down, mint mask, and lots of massage with lotions and oils — all from the very comfy heated and massaging princess pedicure pedestal chair. Their solar nail acrylic refills take longer than at other shops, but for good reason. Their pink and white refills are very precise and even, with a smooth arc of white at the tip. And they take the time to really shape the acrylic all the way back on your nail without grinding your cuticles into a bloody mess. They’re so careful and delicate; I’ve never had ONE slice from the Razor Nail Board of Death so common at other shops.

For the foreseeable future, The Heights Spa will be my new nail shop of choice — decadent pedicures, super careful solar nails, and so close to home. If you’re in this part of the city and you want a salon-quality manicure/pedicure with the convenience of a drop-in nail shop, this is the place for you.

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