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Posted on April 7th, 2005 in Houston by mynagirl

Maria Rodriguez

Home: 713 413 1659

Cell: 832 875 8115


If you’re anything like us, you like having a clean house but hate housecleaning. Or you don’t have time. Or it’s a point of marital tension — differing definitions of “clean” and differing tolerances for “dirty”. To solve any or all of these issues you might be willing to give up a portion of your otherwise “fun” money to have someone (or some service) come in and clean up your house every so often, if only…

…if only. And there’s always the trouble I’ve had. If only you can find someone you like. Someone you trust. Someone who will come into your house and do a good job, and you can trust to be in your house with your things (and your pets!) but won’t leave you feeling like your personal space has been invaded. Truly the only way to find someone like that is with a personal recommendation. I mean, you can’t really trust a cleaning service, can you? Where different people will be coming in every time, someone new handling that key to your house / apartment / condo every single week?

Well, in this digital age, consider this an effusive personal recommendation for Maria Rodruiguez, the wonderful lady who cleans our house. She’s cleaned our house every other week for about four years (although there was a period of about six months where I foolishly did without her and miserably tried to do it myself) — both where we are now and the townhome before this.

She and her helpers (mostly relatives, I think) are great… I never worry when they’re here: our dogs love her (although they’re in their crates on Maid Day) and Maria & Co. take great care never to shut our cats in a room or closet when they clean. She mostly brings her own supplies, although I provide some stuff like Murphy Oil Soap for our hardwoods and generally ask her if she needs anything specific. She does laundry if I ask, any dishes in the sink (I try not to leave too many but sometimes it happens), and all the normal hard work stuff — bathrooms, floors, carpet cleaning, mirrors, etc. Our house is a particular challenge because of all the pet hair and a fair amount of technology clutter and they do a great job. The house is always AMAZING when we come home… coming in from the garage on Maid Day is the most wonderful treat. We always look forward to it, because it’s like our house has been transformed to this sparkling palace just for us.

If you’re looking for a someone to clean your house in the Houston area, I think she can do houses mostly anywhere, although we happen to be in the Heights. (She’s also cleaned for some of my friends out on the West Belt, so I think she’ll range pretty far). She’s pretty great, and it sure is nice to feel relaxed about having someone come in to clean your house. And having your house be so wonderful when you come home is such a treat!!

Maria Rodruiguez

Home: 713 413 1659

Cell: 832 875 8115

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