The Best Petsitter in the Houston Heights (or all of Houston, for that matter!)

Posted on August 1st, 2005 in Houston by mynagirl

Jenny Jurica, Pet Sitter

281 546-5941

We recently had the opportunity to take our I guess-it’s-gonna-be-annual cross-country road trip. While the two hounds got to romp the week away at Urban Tails, the kitties were gonna need some in-house attention. At that point, I sort of knew who Jenny was from an email she’d sent me months ago — she’d found our puppies’ web site and let me know about her petsitting service.

Boy am I glad she did… she was GREAT!! We’d used various petsitters in the past — all were competent but none made me feel like the cats were in true pet-lover hands like Jenny’s. When she came to our house for the meet-and-greet before we actually left, our dogs just went right up to her. Weagle the guard-dog Rottweiler didn’t even bark — I think that’s a first!! I think they could just tell she was an animal person. Our tabby Tigger — a lovebug once she gets to know you but pretty reserved with new people — also went right up to her within 45 seconds of her being in the house. Those are all pretty strong recommendations in my book.

And not only do the animals approve, but she gets my vote as well — she is SO organized! She had a “don’t forget” checklist for things to help make the petsitting experience better for your animals and for her (tell your alarm company you’ll be having a petsitter if needed, leave a radio on to a calming station to give the pets a sound of a human voice). She emailed me reports during our trip and left us a full printed report of our cats’ activities for when we returned. She even checked the Urban Tails’ web cam while we were gone and let us know how the dogs were doing!!

All in all she was GREAT and I’m so happy to have really found a petsitter I love. And I’m sure Scout, Bouncie, and Tigger can’t wait until she comes back to visit! I highly recommend her.

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